Congrats to Lebron on His Latest Milestone and Losing to the Grizzlies

As a notorious Lebron hater, I could not be more thrilled with how his time in LA has gone so far. I don’t hate the player, I hate the person and that person, is a self-absorbed asshole.

Every time Lebron pats himself on the back after a bad loss, an angel gets its wings!
I have always had two major problems with Lebron the person.
Firstly, as stated above, he pretend cares about being a team guy but he’s really just self-absorbed. He’s congratulated himself multiple times on social media this year after losses for individual accomplishments. Usually these social media posts come right after subliminal quotes in the locker room attacking teammates for a lack of effort, whichhhh is exactly what happened last night. Brandon Ingram poured in 32 points then Lebron told reporters, “if you’re allowing distractions to effect you, this is the wrong franchise to be apart of”. It’s NEVER Lebron’s fault. Never in his mind at least.
Secondly, Lebron constantly allows his hubris to prop up a belief his can be a legitimate, self-appointed GM. In the long run, it only ever stymies the upward trajectory of the team he’s on. The Big 3 model hardly ever works without depth but he does it everywhere he goes. He tried to unload his whole roster for Anthony Davis. Now he doesn’t have Davis and everyone he tried to trade quit on him. Shame.
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but as a Philly fan, I’m somewhat glad he’s not a Sixer. 
Hopefully he’s the last superstar to become a free agent this past year to make the LA mistake. 

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