British Mom Looking For Vagina Designer After Daughter Draws Picture Of Her Vagina (Yes I Have The Picture Inside)

“As a parent, there are always going to be moments which leave you wanting the ground to swallow you up.

Somehow our little angels always manage to find new ways to embarrass us, whether it’s saying something completely inappropriate or repeating something we said when we thought they were out of earshot.

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But one mum was mortified when she saw a picture her daughter drew of her showering.

It shows her smiling and washing while completely naked, and the girl has particularly focused on her mum’s private areas.

She shared the picture, which is drawn in blue pen on lined paper, on Facebook with the caption: “I think I need to get a vagina designer”. Mirror

I know you guy’s came to see the picture of this vagina, and I am going to show it to you.  I won’t go on a long spiel before I show you, I’ll just show it to you right away.  I’m not that kind of blogger that builds up anticipation for why you’re here in the first place.  That’s not my style.  You folks know that by now.  I’ve really never been one to drag something out to make it seem longer or anger the readers.  I just never have done that.  This is a pretty funny picture you’re about to see after all and why would I make it hard to see that?  Why would anyone do that to the loyal readers of this site.

Quick side note, this makes me think of that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond when Marie sculpted “abstract” and it looked like a vagina.  This is how that looked.


Great episode and a great show.  One of my favorites in fact I still watch it with my Amazon Prime account today.  Anyway let’s take a look at this drawing.


Now that is no Vagina I have ever seen.  That is Pac-Man.  That is Pac-Man in the middle of a difficult game stretching out for a berry or an extra life.  It also look’s pretty tight to be honest.  I think the real thing this mother should be worried about is her arms.  Do her arms not match in length?  Her legs do, her lips do, both lips.  Boobs are some what accurate.  Eyes are the same size, mouth is symmetrical.  Why aren’t her arms?  The child made everything else accurate except for the arms.  What is wrong with her arms?  Does she have a Dr.Seuss arm?  Maybe she needs a designer for that also.

More questions I have.  Is her furburger really that low? Does it actually hang?  Or is this just the imagination of a child at work?  Does her child often see her vulvarine?  Why does her child see her red wagon enough to draw it?  What does her husband think of her Love Button?  Does she have a husband?  Is she a lesbian couple that adopted?  What would her lesbian wife bearded oyster look like?  Would I like her cat flaps in person?  A lot of questions that need to be answered.  Some answers we will never get.

P.S. Great Boobs, calls for a great boobs video

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