The Steam Dream

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Before I hit publish on my first piece for this blog off, I want to cover some things surrounding this contest. FIRST, I did initially reach out to @brandedsportsblog because I genuinely liked some of their content. One guy I had been following for a while, @charlesalexander, was writing for them, and I figured shoot your shot, kid. My entire life I’ve been punching up. Hell, I almost married a dancer for Pitbul, and dated a local philly twitter celeb @daniellechiaro. Putting me as a +190 dog? That’s free money for all you degenerates out there.

I’m all about transparency. When I lose gambling pics, I talk about it. If I’m wrong on a take -which I was and you’ll read about shortly- I’ll admit it. But to say I was attitudy is an insult. When people say they will do something, I expect them to do it. Maybe, I’m old school, but your word is your bond. Joe said he liked my stuff, asked me for some additional content and I didn’t hear back from him. I took my shot at some of their writers, and look where it landed me? In a blog off with a self proclaimed “money maker” for Branded Sports. Fortune favors the bold.

Now for those of you action junkies, and yes, I’m talking to you kid in college, gambling your rent money away on the Rainbow Warriors at 1AM EST, there is never a LOCK. Unless your name is Darren Rovell and you know the halftime show set for the Super Bowl because you watched Maroon5 practice as a nice gesture for your wife or you get a DM from a stranger on twitter that works in the music industry.

Some nice fellow giving me the insider info

Now, with no regulation, books can market any way they chose. Most US books offer free plays or match plays for first time bettors as their strategy. Lots of good value in those, if you haven’t already wasted it on something stupid like the Villanova Wildcats to repeat. The offshore books though, take a different strategy. Keep in mind, offshore bookmaking was founded by criminals and thieves. Local delco heroes scumbags known as the Animals, lead by Jimmy “Bah-bah” Battista, were one of the firsts in Curaçao with PlayASAP.

Prop betting is different than betting against the spread and over unders. You’re taking a shot, but don’t have to lay the juice or vig (vigorish) if you hit them early. Some of the more common bets that I’m sure you’ve probably heard of are the over/under time on the National Anthem (which if you bet the under, you’re a confirmed communist), what color the gatorade will be that is poured on the Super Bowl winning head coach, but these have only been offered by the offshore market, and the degenerates Mecca, The Westgate. Betting on the Oscars is something new for sportsbooks across the world.

Yorgos Lanthimos opened as a 50/1 favorite to win best director. For you mathletes at home, that means for every $100 your return would be $5,000 if he wins, plus your initial investment of $100.

Of course with odds like that, you’ll get some low level action. Folks looking for a quick get-rich scheme that won’t ever pan out. But when sportsbooks start getting slammed or steamed, and they’ve got a huge liability on a bet, the odds will start dropping. Sometimes, they will even cancel a bet all together.

As one fella put it, the steam on Yorgos Lanthimos was real and something to watch, so I tuned in.

For funny drunk betting tweets, follow this man.

At around 4:40 PM EST, an offshore book tweeted about their Yorgos liability and how it was already steamed from 50/1 down to 20/1, and eventually, removed the bet all together. This created a massive stir around the gambling community.

Scumbag offshore book using a marketing ploy.

Being the good degenerate I am, I immediately logged into my book to see that it was still up! So I hit it for a small number -half a unit.

1/2 unit on Yorgos. 1 unit on Yotes. 3 units live on the Knicks.

Ten minutes later, my book removed the Best Director Winner off of their Oscar prop portfolio.

See the timestamp.

Now of course, while I’m watching the Knicks win, I’m thinking, man, this is real, isn’t it? I am going to cash this!” This ended up being just another too good to be true bet.

So where did it all start? Who leaked the info? Well according to Darren Rovell, it started at Penn State. Go figure. It was all a steam dream.

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