Soft Ass Don Sweeney Decided Adding a Below Average Center was the Move That Puts Them in Contention for the Cup

Don Sweeney has to be the softest, most terrified, pussy of a GM I’ve ever seen. I mean at least Peter Chiarelli was making trades. They were all god awful trades that hindered the team on the ice and financially for years, but they were moves nonetheless. He was taking chances. Sweeney is all vanilla and either afraid or incapable of making the move that can close the gap between the Bruins and Tampa and Toronto.

Even more heart-wrenching was the fact that one of our own made it seem like there was really a chance that once in Sweeney’s life he took a chance and made a trade when Marc Savard tweeted this.

Savard is the man and I will always love him and fuck Matt Cooke, but we all knew Sweeney wouldn’t do anything of note. By the deadline the only acquisition they had made was for yet another center in Marcus Jahansson.

Seriously? Marcus Fucking Johansson? The same Johansson that’s a -15 on the season with 27 points? The worst part really is that he will become the 11th rostered center on the Bruins while we only have ONE goddamn right winger in Pastrnak. It’s a travesty!

It’s sick to think the GM either isn’t competent enough to get a deal done with anyone or simply is too afraid to do so when the current team is playing well, even without Pastrnak, and the window on the Tuukka, Bergeron, Chara era is closing. This is a winning locker room with the right mentality and no depth at the wing position. So when you see great forward talent get traded left and right on Monday it’s hard not question why the Bruins big deadline moves were trading away a potentially great offensive talent in Donato, putting a 36-year-old Lee Stempniak back on the roster.

If you think I’m over reacting then take a look at who got dealt today.

It’s a disgrace to a good team that has worked hard to get to this point. It’s disrespectful to the coach that has turned this team around from the end of the Julien era. The Columbus Blue Jackets, of all teams, won the deadline.

No matter how you spin it, it’s pathetic that Sweeney wasn’t able to get his hands on one of these guys. He had every opportunity in the world and he came up with two more centers and fucking Stempniak.

Enough is enough, Sweeney’s got to go. The only good thing he’s done since getting here is fix the cap issues that Chiarelli caused, which time would have healed with or without Sweeney. And it’s not like this is Sweeney’s team. This core was built a long time ago and hasn’t changed. Sweeney’s managed the money and that’s it. He’s a glorified accountant that needs to be fired so an actually hockey mind can come in and push this team to the next level that gets them another cup.

UPDATE: On top of all the shitty news that Sweeney has brought us today, he drops this in his afternoon press conference Monday.

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