Mugshot Monday: Jussie Smollett

How could today’s Mugshot Monday be anyone but this clown? People might say… What about Robert Kraft?? Well he hasn’t been arrested yet, so stay tuned for next week.

So if for some reason you are unaware of this inane story… Smollett is an gay African American actor on the Fox Show Empire. A few weeks ago he was brutally jumped and beat up.

Image – Daily Mail

Smollett went did the media tour, crying on tv talking about how his attack was a hate crime. The story was terrible. However it has all come out that he made the whole story up…

PAID two Nigerian brothers to beat him up and staged it all for publicity because he was unhappy with his salary. CLOWN.

Image – Page Six

It is a shame because he is taking away from actual people that suffer from racism and homophobia every single day.

Empire has removed him from the remaining episodes this season. But… This “actor” should never be allowed to work again!

Image – US Weekly


Image – TMZ

Roast of the week goes to Sir. Charles Barkley:


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