Le’Veon Bell Thinks Philadelphia Is Amazing And Wants To Play For The Eagles

Nick Ru

Well, well, well look what we have here.  Le’Veon Bell in so many words is BEGGING the Eagles to come pick him up.  Read between the lines and that’s what he’s saying here.  Everyone know’s he hasn’t responded to any tweets about any other teams and the Eagles are the ONLY team he has tweeted about possibly playing for, and that is for one reason and one reason only.  Le’Veon Bell thinks Philadelphia is an incredible place and that is where he want’s to play.  He thinks Philly ha the best fans in the world with the greatest people.  Fans that travel well, fans that know the game better than any other fan base.  That’s what Philly is and that’s what this tweet said if you look at it objectively.

What happens when Le’Veon decided to sign with the Eagles on a team friendly deal because he loves the city and this is where he wants to be?  Well, simple the Eagles become the favorite to win the Superbowl and will go 6-0 in the NFC East.  They will also have the best QB and RB in the NFC East as well as the best QB/RB combo.

NFC East Running Backs (In order when Bell become’s an Eagle)

  • Bell
  • Barkley
  • Zeke
  • AP
  • Dak

NFC East QB/RB combo (In order when Bell become’s an Eagle)

  • Wentz/Bell
  • Zeke/Zeke
  • Eli/Barkley
  • Who is even playing QB in Washington?

At this point lock up the NFC East for the Birds, NFC might be a tad tougher and the Superbowl will be a close game but the Eagles will of course glide to victory against the Nick Foles lead Jaguars.  I’m very thankful Le’Veon tweeted how much he loves Philadelphia and I can’t wait to watch him run the rock in midnight green next year.

Fly Eagles Fly

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