It Appears Khloe Kardashian Will Not Be The Next Bachelorette And It’s Pretty Dumb Of Her

Unfortunately, I’ve spent the last week laying awake in bed at night thinking about Khloe Kardashian. I don’t want to admit I care about the Kardashians at all, but god dammit Khloe has had such a hard road. I thought having to put off your divorce to bring your estranged husband back to life after he overdosed on crack at a brothel in Vegas was bad. But now Khloe’s baby daddy cheated on her with her little sisters best friend while he was in town for Valentine’s Day. I’m sick over it. Besides me, the person most deserving of love is Khloe. So when rumors starting swirling that she might be the next Bachelorette, I got kind of excited.

The Bachelor might not have a good success rate since guys are stupid and think with their dicks, The Bachelorette is much better. Only one Bachelor couple is still together (shoutout Sean and Catherine) but 6 Bachelorette couples are still together. Right now, The Bachelorette has a better success rate than the Kardashians. So Khloe shouldn’t have been so judgmental when shutting down these rumors.

When Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss went on Twitter to test the waters on how Khloe would react to being the Bachelorette, things did not go well. Kim screenshotted a conversation between her, Khloe and her mom Kris Jenner proving that Khloe is not interested in being the Bachelorette. By the way, having your mom in your cell phone as Kris Jenner is a wild move but if my mom was Kris Jenner I would definitely do the same thing.

Kim has been going to war for Khloe on twitter for the past week but she better make sure that this is the right decision for Khloe. Both franchises kind of need each other right now. If Khloe seriously considered being the Bachelorette, Kris could negotiate the fact that she would have to hand pick the contestants. No skinny jean wearing, slicked back hair and veneers personal trainer dudes. Kris will have access to the entire sports universe. NBA, NFL, and if she’s smart even the Premier League will all have to agree to let their players compete for Khloe if they get the call. A joint Keeping Up With The Kardashians/Bachelorette season would be the most important thing to happen to TV in decades, if not ever. The two best of the best production teams at creating drama and capturing it in the most addictive way possible.

I know Khloe is going through a lot right now, but we’re really on her side. Maybe the guy from the Bachelor went about it the wrong way, but it seems like a win win for both sides here.

The Bachelor franchise may be like watching a slow motion car crash, but it’s front and center of the reality TV hall of fame, even before the Kardashians. The Bachelor has been on TV for 17 years. When The Bachelor started, Tom Brady only had 1 Super Bowl ring. The Kardashians launched in 2007, 5 years after The Bachelor started. Brad Womack was saying no to both girls at the end when the Kardashians launched and Rob was skinny, Bruce was a man and millions of people had illegally downloaded copies of Kim and Ray J’s sex tape on DVD.

Khloe better put some respeck on Chris Harrison’s name here. No one would make sure she had a better experience than Chris, he’s free therapy. We’re here for the right reasons, we just want you to find love!

I’ve got to admit I think I’m on Team Bachelorette on this one. It’s a brilliant idea and worth a shot. Khloe Kardashian being named The Bachelorette would break the internet, colliding two of the biggest worlds on Twitter. It was a low blow to say Khloe doesn’t have a sense of humor and it might deserve death by Kris Jenner, but it will be a very respectable way to go out.

All I’m asking is for Khloe to really consider it. We have got to be really done with Tristan Thompson after this. At this point it can’t get worse. I never thought I’d say that being the Bachelorette would really help Khloe Kardashian but I think it’s time to join forces.



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