As An Outsider To FAL Nation, I Think The “FAL” Army Is The Strongest Army On Twitter

Since Branded Sports has started I have noticed a trend in my followers.  I get a whole bunch of “FALs” following me thanks to Kmess being a huge Fal himself.  I didn’t know much about Fals and the Morning Men, until Kmess wrote his blog about the Morning Men.  Suddenly this man “The Great Joe Tropea” @Tropes1406 was tweeting at Branded a lot.  He was a nice guy, busted some balls and just had a good time.  Made me laugh quite a bit.  Next thing I know we have a ton of people who call themselves “FALs” tweeting us.  I became intrigued and started to interact more and more with these guys on twitter, all different twitter names with Fal in it, I could tell they were crazy people, but I like crazy people.  The more and more I began to interact with them the more interested I became in Mike Babchik and Evan Cohen and even started to listen to their radio show quite a bit.  I even had the honor of Babchik reading one of my own blogs on the air.

More and more Fals started to follow me because of it.  I expected to be trolled and bashed, told I was an outsider to stay that way, but that didn’t happen.  They loved what I wrote, as well as what we were doing at Branded.  It was like a strong Army that didn’t show up to destroy but to welcome people in.  They are one big party atmosphere online and unlike many other twitter factions, “stoolies” “hockey twitter” “PETA” they just want to laugh and have a good time no matter who you are.  They welcome everyone into their family or as they call it, “FALmily”.  One Fal @PennFal25 was so in on the action for fun he even bought my Miami Hurricane fandom for $10.

That’s right at one point I was selling off my fandom of the Miami Hurricane, we were still very new of a site and this guy went as far as going on eBay and buying me into being a Penn State fan.  I was pretty sick of the idea, rooting for Penn State isn’t something I want to do, so I returned his money because I couldn’t even consider rooting for a team I hate.  I respect the move though.

So as an outsider what is it about these guy’s that’s different, and likable and over all a lot of fun?  The show is great number one.  I strongly recommend anyone who is just a normal guy or girl, that likes to laugh and listen to a show that’s a lot like listening to your own buddies on the couch to tune in.  SiriusXM channel 82 between 6-10AM if you’re curious.  The show itself becomes a huge representative of the people who listen, and I think that’s a great indicator of how awesome FALs are.  They aren’t here to argue, they aren’t here to fight, they are here to crack jokes, bust balls and enjoy their time on this planet.  The show proves that.

You tune into Philly sports radio and it’s a cancer on this planet.  Stupid opinions, stupid thoughts, stupid callers.  Tune into New York or Boston radio, same thing, different city.  Tune into Barstool radio, nothing against them but it’s a lot of in-house drama that nobody cares about, in-house fighting and some people like that.  However, you’ll notice a lot of the hardcore fans of things like that are angry, upset trigger happy people.  They’re just here to argue.  Not FALs though.

FALs are here to make sure everyone is laughing and getting out of the crap everyday life pours down on us.  Even if it’s just for one second.  Mike Babchik and Evan Cohen do a great job of that on their show every week, which is on SiriusXM channel 82 between 6-10AM if I forgot to mention it.  FALs are all just a huge family making sure their family is taken care of.  They welcome everyone with open arms and defend their family if need be.  They are a strong army who were sent here to make you laugh and smile.  I think that’s what makes them the coolest, strongest, most incredible army out there.  I’m happy to say I know these guys, and I’d like to get to know more of them.

God Bless You FALs

P.S. The show is on SiriusXM channel 82 between 6-10AM

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