This Robert Kraft News Has Roger Goodell’s Clown Hands All Over It

Robert Kraft has officially been charged with a misdemeanor in a huge sex trafficking case that could not have less to do with Robert Kraft. There are almost 30 people whose names were released but there’s only one anyone seems to care about. ESPN has come out saying that Kraft isn’t even the biggest name involved.

Are we just going to let Mr. Daniel Young go without any official statements or public humiliation? The dude is under 2 weeks of his 85th birthday and now he’s got to deal with this? I certainly hope the news will be showing up at his door to get his comment on the matter. Sir, retire, sir!!

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All of that aside, if Robert Kraft was offered some relief from a masseuse in Jupiter Florida while he’s just trying to enjoy a relaxing massage on vacation, let him live. With everything that has recently transpired with the Jussie Smollett case, I’m not rushing to judgement quite yet. Especially since Robert Kraft is already vehemently denying this charges.

Statement from a spokesperson for Robert Kraft:

“We categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity. Because it is a judicial matter, we will not be commenting further.”

Now if there is video evidence, that’s going to be a tough look from Mr. Kraft. That’s why I don’t think he would release a statement like that if he knows there could be incriminating elderly porn tapes out there for TMZ to publish. The guy spent months on a murder trial case, I think he knows how evidence works.

That’s why I’m woke on this story. This has Roger Goodell’s fingerprints all over it. Take into account the timing. No one loves a good Friday afternoon news dump more than Roger Goodell. I don’t even know if I believe that Robert Kraft has ever been to Jupiter Florida. He has over $6 billion dollars, why would he be in Jupiter, let alone Florida in general? Jupiter was rated only the 12th Best Beach Town in America last year, and there’s probably only enough room for one billionaire sex addict and he’s already claimed Jupiter. Can you picture Robert Kraft pulling up to a strip mall in Florida in a Rolls Royce and his CHAMPIONS chain? I can’t. Kraft is more of a private island, yacht party kind of guy.

In my research I also found it interesting that Chicago Bears own Cody Parkey is from Jupiter. If Roger Goodell really wanted to target the only member of the Patriots he hasn’t yet attacked, I would think it might be a smart tactic for him to reach out to someone like Cody Parkey. Think Cody wants to keep his job next year? All he had to do was pick a rub and tug salon in his hometown and Roger Goodell would do the rest. Guarantee we see a few questionable calls go in the Bears direction next year to make up for it. As far as I’m concerned what Roger Goodell is doing here is far worse than what Robert Kraft is being accused of.

Keep in mind Robert Kraft lost his wife, the love of his life almost 10 years ago. He’s been dating a 38 year old model and actress since 2012. She just had a baby (not his) so I bet things have been a little slow at the Kraft compound in Brookline. I’m not saying I think it’s the best way to go about it but we all need love. Robert Kraft will never get the love of his life back, so I can’t blame him for dating hot models and befriending Meek Mill. He’s gone through a lot. If the allegations are somehow proven beyond reasonable doubt to be true, I still stand by Robert Kraft. Just because he’s old and wrinkly doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve love too. Maybe he could have thought one of these ladies was truly interested in him. He hasn’t been spotted out with his girlfriend recently, so maybe things aren’t great at home. Even worse, she could be using him for his money.

Everyone in this situation from the owner of the salon, the person managing all the employees to the NFL, Roger Goodell and Kraft’s girlfriend are coming out looking worse than Robert Kraft right now. Until all of the details of this case are released, I’m reserving judgement because I am a fair and compassionate person. Nothing to do with being a Patriots fan.



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