Ryan Howard: The Next Tony Romo?

Ryan Howard, the Philadelphia hero will be coming to ESPN big screens all across the country just like we are back in 2008 again. I’m thinking that he has the next Tony Romo debut where we all think he is shit for the first half of the year, but by the second half we are amazed of him. ryan howard

In these days, now with the Phillies organization hiring Jimmy Rollins to be around the clubhouse at Citizens Bank Park,  and Utley destined to come back into a Phillies role sometime soon, the old squad will be having some ballpark beers and having the kids run out on the field. Charlie Manuel will be up in the clubhouse seats taking in some afternoon magic and reminiscing still about the last decade.


The combination of Ryan Howard and John Kruk would be a fire combo to listen to every single day on CSN. The talks of old clubhouse tales with Charlie Manuel with Howard, mixed in the 1990’s old tales by Kruk would make for hilarious content and enjoyable to listen to day after day. It also isn’t the worst that the Phillies have another YOUNG team 10 years later that has the potential to extend on what this 2008 team had. Aaron Nola for another 4 years is also very nice to think about.

For the 1 decade anniversary, I’m expecting everyone there for the anniversary at the ballpark, all the players, even 56 year old Jamie Moyer now, are to be expected to be tailgating with the best fans in the lots. Let’s hope that Bryce Harper is there preparing for the next World Series title with Nola, Realmuto, and the rest of the squad.


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