Our First Ever Blog Off

We got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned blog off. Two men enter, one leaves. Ru Vs Who, Meat vs Veggies, Philly vs Vegas. The battle for a spot at Branded Sports.

Live look at me right now

Confused? Let me catch you up to speed. Cowboy Jimmy Buckets, who’s really name I believe is Ryan, I’m not 100% sure. Well he reached out about being a content creator with Branded. I read some of his blogs and they weren’t bad. CBJ reaches back out a few times after he sent them over and full disclosure, we’ve been so busy I missed some of those responses.

But finally yesterday we got in touch and he sent me another blog I really liked. Here’s where things get interesting. CBJ was getting a little attitudy with me via DMs and he also wasn’t following me on twitter @jpopo07 which I wasn’t a huge fan of. Normally if you want to join an internet company you follow the leader on twitter. But then he sent this tweet below:


Now when we originally we’re looking for more content creators the idea was kicked around to make this into a competition and turn that into content. Light bulb went off yesterday and I told CBJ, I’ll let you compete for a spot. You pick a blogger on the roster since you feel so confident about being a better writer and most clicks win.

CBJ fired right back and said you (me) pick. I then left it up to the group and Ru the bulldog that he is, agreed to take him on. Ru loves two words more than any others. They both start with the letter “C” and one is Content. The man is willing to put his role on the line to create content. That’s a company man right there.

So here are the rules:

  • 1 Week competition. Monday-Friday
  • Most clicks wins
  • Can’t be sand bagged blogs, have to be timely and topical
  • Capping the total number of blogs for the week at 15. No more than that will be allowed

Two side notes. I am going to hide the click totals for the bloggers during the week. I will be the only one to know where they stand. Also in the interest of fairness, I’m not going to retweet either one of their blogs from my personal account.

I can’t explain to you the excitement I have for next week. It is going to be a bloodbath. I know for a fact things are going to get heated on twitter. This is going to be something you won’t want to miss. Make sure to follow along @Branded_Sports



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February 25, 2019 1:30 pm

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