Noted Patriots Hater Bart Scott Think The Patriots Should Lose All Their Draft Picks Immediately

Well color me shocked that Bart Scott would come out just minutes after this news was released to comment on what he thinks is fair punishment for something that Robert Kraft hasn’t even been convicted of yet. Not to mention this is a misdemeanor charge. Has Bart Scott commented on what the Chiefs punishment should be for employing confirmed woman abuser Kareem Hunt? Or the Ravens for employing both a murderer and horrible human being? I haven’t heard his official statement.

I’m going to need someone with free time to start digging into Bart’s past here. You mean to tell me he’s never bought an Instagram thot a plane ticket? In fact I would not be shocked if his name comes out on this list. Anyone that has any information here please DM me.

I very clearly see what he’s doing here. Bart has the opportunity to carve out his niche as the player equivalent of Max Kellerman. He clearly saw how much attention Kellerman got during this season so he’s using this as an opportunity to get the mentions up on Twitter.

In all seriousness, I know there’s a personal conduct policy but how can someone who knows a few things about the NFL really think this has anything to do with the Patriots as a football team? Take the draft picks, truthfully I don’t even think the Patriots need em. This years’ QB class is pretty weak and Belichick will probably sign someone off the street that will become the future of the franchise anyways.



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