Morning Wood: Don’t be a Sucker, Buy from China

They say there’s a sucker born every minute. I believe this age old saying to be true. The biggest suckers on the face of planet earth are the people who buy their jerseys for retail price. This is by far the dumbest thing any sports fan can do. You don’t get bonus points for allowing your favorite team to fleece you out of your hard earned money. Buying an official jersey doesn’t make you more of a fan and you certainly aren’t impressing anyone while you flaunt your stupidity. The fake jerseys us smart people get from China are every bit as supportive towards our favorite teams as the official ones are and are way more than half the price.

Lets pretend for a second you are a person who is handy with cars and your car needs a repair. I’m willing to bet all of my money that when buying the parts for your car you go to a aftermarket website and don’t go directly to the dealership. And why is that? TO SAVE MONEY! I can’t wrap my head around paying $100 or more for a jersey. Why not just take that money outside and light it on fire? Do you think the team owner will personally come down and pat you on the back for fueling his yacht? Hell no. These jerseys you buy probably cost the same price to make as my knock off costs to buy. The difference is I’m not getting bent over a barrel when I buy mine.

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you buy a jersey from China. You will be considered a smart savvy shopper. The key is to just buy a good quality fake. Just get one that doesn’t look like someone glued it together in their basement, get one that the average person can’t tell the difference. All of my jerseys are of the highest in fraudulent quality. I would be more than glad to show new comers to the China game the ropes and what to look for. I can point out my sites and the sellers I trust. I have literally NEVER been disappointed in a jersey I have purchased, and have spent a fraction of the money that some of you fools have for one. You aren’t a super fan for buying the authentic jersey. You are a slave to the teams you love. It is expensive enough being a sports fan between game tickets, memorabilia, and everyday team garb so save some damn money where you can. A jersey is nothing more than a shirt with someone else’s name of it. He didn’t wear it, he doesn’t care you have it, damn sure doesn’t care where you got it. The players make enough damn money in salary that they wont miss a couple people wising up and buying their jersey from over sees.

This is my PSA to sports fans. Don’t be suckered into buying a jersey from the team because they slap a tag on it that says “official”. Be smart like me and thousands other and GO TO CHINA!

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