Tik Tok People Are Ruining America And Should Be Locked Up In A Tiny Jail Cell, With A Cell Phone That Get’s No Service

I’ve been covering this Tik Tok thing for quite sometime now starting with “The Greatest Twitter Thread Ever” and I’m starting to become concerned.  Tik Tok people are psycho freaks who need to be stopped.  They are becoming the biggest issue in our society and the only good news is, they all exposed themselves by putting their images on the Tik Tok app.  Now we know who they are and I have a plan to get rid of them.  If you are unsure of the issue that’s going on let me show you.




They ALLEGEDLY have real life child molesters on Tik Tok just being open about how they are actually ALLEGEDLY child molesters.  This just goes on, on an app for millions to see and nobody is stopping this.  ALLEGED Child Molesters are allowed to go viral?  It has to be stopped and the thing of it is, the Tik Tokers who are ALLEGEDLY open child molesters aren’t the worst thing about Tik Tok, the fitness people more so the “Fitness couple” are the worst part of Tik Tok.


These losers are whats wrong with America and I think if America put our heads together and decided we were going to get rid of them we could end racism, we could end sexism, we could end everything that divides us as a country.  Black people, White people, Jews and gentiles will get together to ship them to somewhere they can never return from, it doesn’t matter where they go just get them the hell outta here.  The way to kill a snake is to cut its head off, and these Tik Tok lames are the head of this snake.  Kill the head, kill the snake, it’s that simple.

As for the rest of the snake, the rest of the Tik Tokers I have a plan in case killing the head doesn’t kill the rest of the snake.  Tik Tok is basically vine for country people.  We just have to make a new America and let Mexico have the south.  All the southern people who don’t want to be apart of the Tik Tok crowd can come live in the north.  We’ll make the new south start at North Carolina and just call it Carolina.  The good news is we get rid of Florida anyway and give that to Cuba.  We build a wall to separate the new America and make the New Mexico pay for it!  This is how we fix our nation and get the Tik Tok people out of here.

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