This Avalanche Fan Is In For An Avalanche Of Heartache After Elbowing His Girlfriend In The Face For A Puck And Then Giving It Away

One of my worst fears in life is being confronted with a fly ball or a puck being thrown into the stands like this. I just don’t have the hand-eye coordination to be able to catch it and look cool, and I’m not exactly quick to react so more likely than not I would just get smashed in the face for a viral video.

This guy might have it worse. After an Avalanche player flung a puck up over the boards, his eyes definitely widened a little bit. Although there is literally no one within 12 rows behind him, he reaches for the puck with complete disregard to the fact that his miserable girlfriend is sitting right down probably refreshing Instagram to see if there’s any more news about the Tristan Thompson/Khloe Kardashian situation. Next thing she knows she’s getting a sharp elbow to the face from her boyfriend, or just some Tinder fuckboy that invited her to the game.

Instead of giving the puck to her as a peace offering, he immediately hands it off to the lady in front of him to deal with his relationship problems head on. He puts a hand on her knee and leans in as she very clearly does not give a fuck. The damage has already been done. Once the elbow made contact with her temple this dude was a goner.

No one is a bigger loser in this situation than this guy. I would say the girl but she will be able to use this one instance for years. Want to go out to the bar with your boys? Well, remember the time you elbowed me in the head to catch a puck? You’re staying in tonight. Mad she spent $1,000 on a new purse? Hey babe remember the elbow incident of 2019? He’ll never live it down.

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