The 76ers Lead The NBA In Attendance Per Game

This is a pretty bad look on all of the people who said the tank was going to ruin the fan base.  Fans would never come back and never care again.  All of that has been proven very, very wrong.  Sixers fans are showing up to games more than any team in the league right now and as someone who goes to one or two games a month I can say the place is always sold out.  It’s loud, it’s exciting and it’s a ton of fun.

I did think some of the other teams in the top 5 were interesting to me.  The Mavs fans must love their team, I’m sure Luka has something to do with it but despite a down year they are all in.  On the other side of that the Nets fans not showing up surprises me. The Nets are a fun exciting team with a legit chance to be a disrupter in the playoffs.  They match up well against a lot of teams and have guys playing great.  They are not a team to take lightly and almost every game they play in is exciting to watch.  Brooklyn is a weird place though, big hipster area so maybe basketball isn’t what they care about.

Teams I didn’t expect in the top 5 other than the Mavs are the Bulls and Heat. The Heat are decent, nothing special and the Bulls are downright trash.  Nothing bad you can say about those fan bases I guess, but I think he Heat fans are there for more of a social gathering and less about basketball. Maybe being Wade’s last season has something to do with it too.

Pretty shocked the Celtics and Warriors aren’t in the top 5 as well as the Bucks but I’m sure they are in the top 10.  Not that I will do any research on that because I don’t do research ever.

Bottom line, I’m proud of the Sixers and our great fans, what a time to be a Sixers fan, what a time to be all in.  Here They Come.

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Shoot A 3 You Coward
Shoot A 3 You Coward
February 21, 2019 11:56 am

Probably not accurate if the Celtics aren’t in the top 5 just sayin….

Kyrie Is Leaving For The Knicks
Kyrie Is Leaving For The Knicks
February 21, 2019 12:00 pm

Oh my god!!! “shoot a 3” so funny!! Yeah it’s probably accurate you fucking dolt