Wiki Hole Wednesday – Starts in the Middleton

Today I decided to start with Phillies ownership face John Middleton. John is the face of the Philadelphia Phillies ownership group and also the man seen by the MLB as responsible for the Phillies Franchise. John was a high school wrestler for the Haverford Preparatory School in Ardmore pa. After Haverford, John attended Amherst and then finally Fair Harvard for an MBA. After returning home his father put him in charge of

John Middleton Co. was originally a Philadelphia based cigar shop and manufacturer. Through prudent guidance of John Middleton and his father they grew past the shops and started mail order and larger scale acquisition of Cigar Holdings. Through these acquisitions John was able to sell the company to Altria(Originally known as Phillip Morris) for $2.9 Billion. One example of the companies cigars was

The Black and Mild, with possibly the greatest Wikipedia post picture I have ever seen. Now, I’m not sure if this was everywhere, but everyone in college in Philly smoked Black and Mild’s. I’m not a smoker and yet I found myself smoking them more than a dozen times. They tasted great and smelled good too honestly. Which is funny because their slogan is.

“Tastes great! Smells great!”

I was a big fan of the Cherry which is also known as the Middleton. Flavor list below:

▪ Black & Mild (original)

▪ Apple

▪ Blues

▪ Casino

▪ Cream

▪ Cruise

▪ Rhythm

▪ Cherry (Middleton’s)

▪ Cherry Vanilla (Prince Albert)

▪ Filtered Tips (Black & Mild FT)

▪ Jazz

▪ Mild

▪ Natural Wrap Wood Tip (available in select markets)

▪ Royale

▪ Soft Vanilla (Prince Albert)

▪ Sweets (Launched nationally in May 2017)

▪ Wine

▪ Wood Tip (Original)

▪ Wood Tip Jazz

▪ Wood Tip Royale

▪ Wood Tip Casino

▪ Wood Tip Wine

▪ Gold and Mild


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