The Sixers Are Back On Their Load Management BS

I’ve been glued to Twitter for a Bryce Harper update and all I got was Joel Embiid having knee issues. Not cool:

Remember when the Sixers played almost the entire pre-All Star break portion of the schedule without a backup Center for Embiid? Goooood timessssss. I have the 2017 Rockets game disaster in the back of my head, but I’m not overly worried about Embiid’s knee soreness. 

I’m just glad the term “load management” is back. It almost died when Markelle Fultz and his TOS shoulder was traded. Thankfully, the ritual of having someone sit out with load management issues for a mystery injury lives on. It’s like how rookies on the Sixers have to get Chic-Fil-A before every game for the team . Some rituals never die with these guys: High end fast food and mystery muscle injuries. It’s a better tradition than the Rose Bowl having shitty turf that everyone slips on.

Although I’m pretty excited for load management to be back, I’m probably not as excited as Paul Pierce:

Load management, it’s good to have you back old friend.

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