Move Over Migos: Lonzo Ball And Lance Stephenson Are Raps New Super Group

While hard at work rehabbing from his ankle injury, Lonzo is clearly a little bored. He has a newborn baby but he’s also 21 so he probably has a lot of energy to burn. He’s also feelin himself after not getting traded for Anthony Davis before the trade deadline. All of this has led to a new track being released featuring Lonzo Ball and Lance Stephenson.

Objectively this song is awful. Lonzo is rhyming stop with top, lot, and drop. If I submitted an application to be on MTV’s Made back in the day to work with a professional rapper to record one song, this is what it would sound like. Nothing too complicated in terms of cadence or lyrics. Just rap some simple words over a beat and act like you know what you’re doing.

Lance was a nice surprise in this song. Definitely has better flow than Lonzo, and a better voice for rap. Again could be because Lonzo is only 21 and still could get a Proactiv sponsorship, but Lance didn’t sound half bad. At first I thought this would be creepier because I thought Lonzo Ball was still like 19 and Lance Stephenson must be at like 34 now but nope, Lance is only 28. Feels like the LeBon ear blowing incident was so long ago. Now they are just close teammates…

If this group adds Lavar and maybe a cameo from JaVale I think it truly could pass Migos as the biggest group in music history. LeBron is busy A&R’ing 2 Chainz new album to see the legendary rhymes happening in the room right with him.

By the way let me rant for a minute about this video 2 Chainz put out about his new album, with LeBron as “A&R”. First of all what does A&R by LeBron even mean? I thought A&R was the person at a record label that gets talent, so what exactly is LeBron doing for this album itself? Sounds like something 2 Chainz made up to make LeBron feel more involved.

LeBron’s big idea to release the album then wait 2 weeks to release 2 more songs as a treat for fans is revolutionary. Going to change the rap game forever. 2 Chainz is going to write and produce all of the music but LeBron will give it his stamp of approval based on how cool the videos he makes in the gym listening to it are. Maybe he sips a few glasses of vino and sits in the back of his car to see if it will be a song that makes the album or one that is given as a free bonus 2 days later. You know he’s using this to his advantage too, telling Kyrie he’ll send him an exclusive listen at 2 Chainz new album so they can be best friends again.



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