Long Live Snow Days!

Whether you are in Kindergarten or College… Snow Days were the best. Actually come to think of it I’m not sure when I enjoyed them the most?

Elementary School: Got to go outside all day and sled, build forts, throw snowballs at cars. (Well now kids stay in and play Fortnite.)

High School: Got to hang out with your boys, play football in the snow, make prank calls and think you were way too cool for school.

College: Well it was just another excuse to drink excessively, not that we needed an excuse. If there was 2 feet of snow but the bar was open… We would get there: BAR.. BAR.. BAR!

Snow Days were, and should always be every kid’s dream.

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But now it seems that schools are trying to ruin this amazing American tradition. They are introducing something called “Digital Classroom Days.” Or “Virtual Class” so that the students don’t miss a day.


Even the 49ers First Round Pick Mike McGlinchey thinks this is absolutely absurd:

My wife who is back in school had to deal with this today. It is snowing. The college is closed, yet she has to sign in virtually to her class…

No. No. No. This is just all wrong. If the college is closed there will be no graphs, no quizzes, no work… Period. A snow day is a FREE DAY. And a free day means you get to determine your day.

I love technology, but it is cases like this where maybe the Amish have it right.

Mr. President you are correct there is an emergency, and it is the fact that schools are trying to kill the snow day! It is one of the few advantages we have over people that live in beautiful warm climates…

WE GET SNOW DAYS. We earn them by going to school and work in the dark and the cold during the winter months.

Something must be done, this can’t go on.


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Call your local government officials, don’t let your kids participate in “virtual class days.” We must do whatever we can do END THIS MADESS and keep the joy of snow days alive forever!


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February 21, 2019 10:21 am

Just another millennial looking for any excuse to take a day off