Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club Episode 7: JK About The Whole Firing Thing

OK last week we watched Panos exterminate May and send her packing. But in the previews it looks like Lindsay was about to unfire her. Let’s get back into it.

Of course since last week didn’t have much Brent and Sara drama so we’re getting a full episode this week. Brent wishes Sara could be him for a day just to see what he’s going through. Um no thanks Brent but I bet I could avoid getting tequila thrown over my head for at least 24 hours.

Brent is at a crossroads because he thought him and Sara were just going to kiss and make up but it looks like he’s going to have to actually do some work. No, that’s an actual quote from Brent.

Back at the bar May tells everyone she is fired and Panos comes over to celebrate with shots. We are firing you for not doing your job and drinking at work so let’s celebrate by taking shots at work.

Lindsay is convinced May’s lotus flower finger tattoo is a sign from her sister. She’s having a hard time firing May because she’s crying and because of the finger tattoo. After hearing May’s sob story Lindsay decides she actually cannot fire May.

For some reason they are still contractually obligated to fire someone so poor Jules is next in line. What a roller coaster first five minutes, I love this show. Everyone seems shocked that Jules is getting fired and for some reason it seems like these 22 year old VIP hosts know how to run a business a little better than Lindsay Lohan.

Now 2 people have been fired and not one of them is Brent.

Brent and Sara are assigned to the same VIP client for the day by complete coincidence and Sara assures everyone they are not together which is going to be really tough to explain when they are actually back together next week. I know it’s coming.

They have to be servants for a family with a few kids which honestly might be worst than the Italian influencer models. Sara and Brent work well together taking selfies with the rich kids to post to their Instagram story to make all their other rich spoiled brat friends jealous not because they’re in Mykonos at the Lohan Beach Club but because they are going to be on an MTV show and get so many more followers. They take this as a sign that they can be professional and not bring their personal life to work.

Meanwhile, Kailah, Kyle and Gabi get to take a private boat ride with Lindsay which I’m not sure is actually a gift or a punishment. Kailah gets her squeaky clean image of Lindsay Lohan ruined quick when she tells Lindsay she’s coming for everyone’s job and that she wants her boyfriend to come visit her. It’s a bold move to tell your boss but they’re drinking on a boat in Mykonos Lindsay’s got to let her live a little. They let half the cast go visit Alex’s grandma last week but Kailah wants to see her stupid boyfriend, who cares.

Brent and Sara’s professional relationship lasts promptly 3 minutes to when they return back to the villa and Sara comes sneaking around the corner in a sports bra to have a chat with Brent. This is going to be real awkward to have to explain at work tomorrow…

Brent is not nearly hot enough for Sara to put up with this. Sara may be dickmatized by Brent’s beard and tattoos but she’s at least a little self aware. She knows she’s about to be made fun of on the internet. Doesn’t make it acceptable but at least she’s owning it.

Lindsay ends the episode by making sure everyone knows she’s the best boss in the world. She makes her world famous bread and chips covered in ketchup and a random tomato.

Touche Lindsay

Until next week…where there is hopefully more Aristotle



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