Eduardo Rodriguez Has Been a Major Stand-out in Spring Training and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t be Surprised

Every team in the league has those one or two players that whenever they are preforming well you can rest assure the whole team is playing at peak performance. The stars on any given team are obviously incredibly impactful, but when production is coming from the more unlikely members of the club that’s when things are really going good.

For four years now, Eduardo Rodriguez has been that guy for the Red Sox. When Erod is on his game, the Red Sox immediately have 3 to 4 pitchers that are nearly guaranteed to put you in a position to win every night. The problem is for four years Erod has struggled to stay healthy and when he’s not right the Sox have had to rely on Sale and Price to be great every time they take the mound and you just hope to get the best version of Porcello you can on any given night.

Now, going into his age 26 season, Erod is standing out more than ever in Spring Training.

Alex Cora isn’t the only one speaking the good graces of Erod. Pedro Martinez, who’s been working closely with Rodriguez this Spring, was gassing him up with straight diesel fuel following his particularly great live BP session.

“That was one of the most impressive BPs that you could see,” Martinez said. “No hesitation, no stopping. It was beautiful to watch. I see for the first time he is demanding more out of every pitch,” the Hall of Famer added. “He’s asking for more and more. He’s making good quality pitches, but he wants to improve them.” – NESN

There’s a reason that Erod is getting so much buzz this Spring and it’s not just because of one great BP session. His potential has been a brewing pot for years now that is finally ready to pop off.

Take last season for example. During May and into June Erod had a stretch where he won 6 straight games while allowing no more than two runs in any of those starts. He’s had healthy stints like that throughout his time in Boston where he’s showed how he’s not just good, he can be dominant.

If Erod stays healthy he won’t just be Spring Training’s darling, he’ll be a massive reason the Red Sox can repeat this season.

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