Yankees Say MachaNO!

For years now everyone has been pointing to this off-season as the season when the Yankees go crazy!

They will sign Harper or Machado or even both!

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Is Machado an unbelievable baseball talent? Absolutely. But did I want him on the Yankees? Absolutely not.

The Yankees seemed to be out on both Harper and Machado from the jump… But it’s the Yanks, we can never count them out until… They’re officially out.

Well today we can put to bed any and all Machado to the Bronx rumors. He signed a 10 year 300 million dollar deal with the San Diego Padres.

Good for Machado, he got his money, he got his years and he will continue to not get his ring. And, good for the city of San Diego. A city who had their football team ripped away and their baseball team has the second longest postseason drought in MLB.

But I am thrilled that Machado is not coming anywhere near the Yankees. After his “I don’t hustle that’s not my thing” comments I went from lukewarm to ice cold on him wearing pinstripes.

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Us Yankee fans have seen that before with Robinson Cano. He was a good player for the Yanks, but Bomber fans expect everyone to hustle like Jeter did. Run out every ground ball and give it 100% whether it’s April or October… And that is simply not Machado.

The team already has a massively stupid contract on the books with Stanton. Everyone knows it will hurt in the end. They didn’t need another… Especially for 300 million.

Some may say… “Didi is hurt” and it’s true, but players are bouncing back quicker and quicker from Tommy John and Didi is a Yanks guy. Not many players could fill the void of Jeter so easily like he has, and to throw him to the side for Machado would have been a big mistake.

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“Ok then play him at 3rd” (like he probably is going to do in San Diego.) Sure, and what trade the young star in Andujar, or move him to 1st? It’s just not that easy. Again… Why get rid of a guy who was arguably the rookie of the year last season, is young, controllable and the fans love?

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The Yankees didn’t need a player like Machado to come in and mess up the chemistry this clubhouse has. Especially with the hope of it being a special season for the send off of CC. Let the young guys like Torres, Andujar, Sevy, Judge and Sanchez continue to grow and get better together.

While having that veteran leadership of Gardner and CC being the glue of the clubhouse. Not to mention adding a good clubhouse vet to the team like Tulo.

Yes, all Yankees fans expect them to always be in on every big free agent like they were in the past. Because we want them to win. But on this one I am trusting Cashman and the front office and believe by passing on Machado they have made the right decision for the team and the fans.

Because let’s face it… Machado and the New York media and New York fans would have been a recipe for disaster.

So since the Yanks said MachaNO let’s move on with the players that are in pinstripes and get ready for a fun season in the big ball park in the Bronx!

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Go Yanks!


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