Phillies Vow to Spend “Stupid Money” in Free Agency; Also Think the Padres Overspent on Machado

It took me so long to read the piece on Tim Donaghy this morning, by the time I was done, Manny Machado was a member of the San Diego Padres. 

300 Million. After all that, we arrived at the exact number we all expected. Even Phillies GM Matt Klentak expected it except…

The “stupid money” quote is DANGEROUSLY close to surpassing the “dream team” quote in Philly Sports lore. I mean, if I’m Scott Boras, I call Klentak and play John Middleton saying “stupid money” on loop like a pop radio station playing ‘The Middle’ until Bryce Harper gets 400 mil from the Phillies.

This offseason for the Phils would be considered tremendous already if it weren’t for that quote. They landed Jean Segura in a deal that flipped Rhys Hoskins back to his intended position at first base. They extended Aaron Nola on a steal of a deal in arbitration. Andrew McCutcheon is a great veteran piece. Oh yeah, and they landed the best catcher in the league. But you just hadddd to say “stupid money”. I will have zero sympathy if this backfires on the Phillies front office and their offseason is deemed a failure.

That being said, I’m still very confident in Harper becoming a Phillie. It’s like that show Temptation Island, there’s always dancing around between two characters but soon enough they’re going to bang. 

Still can’t believe we lost a Free Agency sweepstakes to the damn Padres though…

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