Do We Want OBJ On The Pats Or What?

Rumors are swirling since the always knowledgeable Chris Simms reported that the Patriots apparently tried to trade for OBJ last offseason, but their interest tipped the Giants off that maybe OBJ is pretty good.

Instead of really trying to focus on finding someone to replace that walking skeleton Eli to throw to OBJ and hand the ball off to Saquon, the Giants were taking phone calls from the Patriots about their 26 year old star wide receiver they just gave $95 millions dollars to. It’s never been about what OBJ does on the field that’s been the problem. From his infamous feud with the kicking net to throwing his helmet all over the place, I’m not sure how much of ‘The Patriot Way’ OBJ has in him. So I can’t decide if as fans we’re supposed to want him or not.

Many Patriots fans won’t care about the off the field stuff. They spend hours photoshopping Patriots jerseys on every single big free agent that’s available. Gotta keep things spicy as Patriots fans. It can get so monotonous just going into a season with guys like Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett. Sure, Tom Brady is going to make it work with what we’ve got, but it sure would be a lot more fun in December if the Patriots had a player like OBJ. Look what happened with Josh Gordon. The minute he caught that long TD from Brady for his 500th touchdown, kids in Wellesley and Hingham all ordered their #10 Josh Gordon jerseys.

Some of us have always craved a diva wide receiver in the mix just to check it off our bucket list. It’s like dating a crazy girl. You kind of know exactly what you’re getting into but it’s a hell of a ride. 6 months later when your tires are slashed and she used your thumb while you were sleeping to hack into your phone you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

So part of me wants to see what would happen if the Patriots traded for OBJ. It’s a move that would go against every single trend of behavior they’ve followed for the past 20 years, but fuck it I’m down to see what happens. Only if it doesn’t break the bank. I’m not losing Trey Flowers and my newfound love Trent Brown because of it.

On the other hand, do I think the Patriots are desperate to sign a player like OBJ to get back to the Super Bowl? Is beating more teams in the regular season by a bigger margin worth watching 15 yard penalties for losing your cool once or twice? I can’t really see Drake rolling up to Gillette Stadium to watch his friend OBJ play. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Too much of a good thing, all of the typical sayings. I can take a step back and realize we as Patriots fans don’t deserve OBJ. That’s big of me to admit.

I’m no closer to deciding if we are supposed to want the Patriots to trade for OBJ. This is probably just a PR move to drive up his trade value anyways. I’m anticipating seeing articles in August about whether or not Braxton Berrios will have a breakout year for the shorthanded Patriots WR group staring Julian Edelman and Cordarelle Patterson. At this point I think Patriots fans would be satisfied getting Danny Amendola back just so we can get more of the Edelman/Amendola/Brady bromance. I’ll tell ya Olivia is really working on it.

Obviously if I’m OBJ I’m desperately trying to get to the Patriots. The first move he thinks of is to just comment directly on Tom Brady’s Instagram declaring his love. Can’t say I’ve never been there before commenting I love you on Tom Brady’s vacation pics. In the NBA, this is worth $50K.

The final verdict on if we want OBJ on the Pats is: it doesn’t really matter either way? I don’t think there’s a chance in hell a deal actually gets done but is it fun to imagine…sure? I’m going back to watching all the videos I recorded at the parade.



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