The REAL Reason AB wants out of Pittsburgh [Pictures Included]

So it has been very clear that Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh. He has asked the Steelers organization for a trade and has even posted a goodbye and thank you to the fans on social media.

Everyone has been clamoring about what is making AB want out so bad after recently signing an extension with the team.

Is it his “toxic relationship” with Big Ben?

Sick and tired of Tomlin losing big games?

Wants the ball on every play?

Just wants a fresh start?

Maybe some of those are right… But we discovered the absolute lock of a reason AB wants to move on from the Steelers.

He can’t take JuJu anymore.

Listen I don’t want to roast JuJu. He is a hell of a player and every time I have seen him interviewed I have laughed. But…

His social media has gotten way out of hand and he needs to be checked.

It started out somewhat funny with JuJu making fun of himself a bit..

But then it started going off the rails..

Ok, You look like a clown that’s one thing. BUT to caption yourself as the best outfit of the night AND abbreviating it to “fit” C’MON MAN!

Now we are begging people to comment on your pictures?

Ok his dog is awesome. But..

No. Just no JuJu. No one wants to see that. No one cares. And again you are an NFL Star… Stop begging! (And it didn’t even get 400k 😂😂)

Best part of the picture was Eric Ebron’s response:

If you thought the chest shaving post was bad, check his Valentine’s Day post..

AB apparently gave you enough chances. (Come on Zeke)

JuJu please stop embarrassing yourself and your teammates. Just rock the fly pizza slippers and you will be good, no more corny ass social media pictures.


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