People In Philly Are Getting Weird Flyers About Turning Their Body Into Steel

Have to say, if you live around this area and DON’T attend this meeting, you’re the crazy person. This screams people watching gold. Now I would stand a safe distance away or at least have an exit strategy but attendance is mandatory. First off I’m shocked whoever wrote these has access to a copying machine. Or the financial means to make this many copies. They are either homeless or at the very least jobless to have this much free time.

I’m debating on whether or not I’m going to have one of my bloggers attend this. Have to right? The question is who?

KMess would stick out like a sore thumb. Not going to be many buttoned up shirts at this “meeting.”

Ru? No, one of this lunatics would try to sedate Ru and he’d end up killing a few of these guys. I can’t afford Ru going to prison.

Chuckles…….I mean….yeah. He could go in undercover and get us the behind the scene scoop. No one would expect him to be up to any shady business. There I’ve made up my mind.  Chuckles will have to attend this event. Unless he gets thrown in a furnace than I never said that.


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