Gun Girl/Poopy Pants Is Going After KFC And This Is Going To Be Great

Joe 12


Apparently at Kent State University Kaitlin Bennett shit herself at a party. This is just the rumor flying around, don’t shoot the messenger Kaitie. If you don’t know Kaitlin Bennett is the famous gun girl who hates lefties and calls anyone that doesn’t agree with her a liberal. She’s boring, played out and a blow hard. When you go around acting that way people tend to hate you.

So as word spread of Kaitlin shitting her pants faster than the smell of someone shitting their pants, people started doing what people do.


Listen, if you poop your pants you can’t go around acting like an asshole (see what I did there?) People are looking for a reason to make fun of you, so if you know you have a dark brown secret hiding in your closet, just live your life humble. Don’t shake any trees because at any point your whole identity cold be compromised.

This morning KFC from Barstool retweeted the video above with a comment that this is the best joking on twitter. And he ain’t wrong. Pooping your pants is hysterical. This girl is going to get chanted “poopy pants” at every campus she steps foot on. There is only one thing you can do if you’re her in this shit-uation. You don’t say a word and let time heal all wounds.

That ain’t KB’s style though, she goes the double brown down route.

Calling Kevin a liberal is laugh out loud funny. Also she just basically ended her entire “career.” Nothing she says or does matters anymore. Roughly a billion more of these videos are going to come out now.

“You little leftist puppet!!” But Kaitlin, you shit yourself.

“You soy boy little bitch!!” Kaitie, you pooped your pants.

“Being Left is being a terrorist!!” You’re a nose terrorist with your shit filled pants.

So RIPP (Rest In Poopy Pants) Kaitlin you had an interesting run. This is game over for you girl. Going to be fun watching it all come to a crashing end.



12 thoughts on “Gun Girl/Poopy Pants Is Going After KFC And This Is Going To Be Great

  1. Okay, I’m no fan of KB and her pseudo- Libertarianism (which resembles actual libertarianism about as much as Trump resembles Obama), but this article is such garbage. Firstly, anything she says from now on is automatically negated because she pooped her pants? What are you, five years old? Also, that’s a classic Ad Hominem fallacy. The strength or weakness of an argument is independent of the character of the person making it–and certainly independent of their physical weaknesses.
    Also, excuse me? Did you just say that the scandal of a man cheating on his pregnant wife is somehow eclipsed by someone losing their continence while inebriated? Did you really just try to slide that one by us? Then it seems, my friend, that YOU are the biggest piece of crap in this story.

  2. I think it’s funny that the Left-Wing Snowflakes cry when someone says anything even remotely offensive to them. Yet they act like the typical “school bully,” and treat people like shit, because they are too stupid to debate people.

  3. What a dipshit who wrote this… Kaitlin is still just fine, and better views and posts than what you can write in this lame blog of yours!

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