The Phillies Are “Pretty Well Down the Process” With Bryce Harper

Well it’s Groundhog’s Day again…

Another day, another rumor that Bryce Harper is going to sign with a team. Seeing as the season has already commenced with Spring Training, these rumors HAVE to be coming true sooner rather than later.

So, here’s the latest from Jim Bowden…

Love when Philly sports teams are “pretty well down the Process”

I’m still playing it conservative though and not getting my hopes up. Ask any guy who’s had some college hook ups, sometimes you “round third base” and never make it home. 

I’m pretty rumored out. Bryce Harper is like Kevin from The Office when Toby and Daryl want to sell him Girl Scout cookies. He wants to be “wined and dined and 69’d” and treated like a king without ever making a decision. Seeing the guys compete for Kevin’s services was fun for him and he wanted that to drag out forever. You have to choose your Girl Scout cookies, Bryce. 

It’s time.

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