Jimmy Butler Is Drinking Wine at Noon on a Weekday and It’s Concerning

Jimmy Butler posted on his IG story yesterday a video of him off a bottle of wine around noon.

Oh, no I’m not concerned about him drinking at that time of day. I’ve been to enough day longs/darty’s to know that as long as you sneak a quick nap in around 6pm, you’ll be fine and can function again that same day. 

Here’s what actually concerns me. Does Jimmy Butler drinking wine at Noon on a Thursday mean he’s planning to team up with Lebron in LA when he becomes a free agent this summer? You have to wonder…

Lebron, as many NBA fans know, is a notorious wine connoisseur. He infamously poisoned the liver of his children by giving them wine at dinner while they were well underage. On top of that, he showed up to work drunk and was drinking Vino on the bench during a Lakers game. 
The man has a problem and his alcoholic ways may have rubbed off on Jimmy Butler. These two wine connoisseurs could be a match made in Napa Valley. 

The Sixers and Elton Brand need to be on high alert with this one. 



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February 15, 2019 12:14 pm

Drinks at noon and still has more class than That Guy