Football Friday: AAF Weekend


Happy Football Friday. We are allowed to say that on February 15th thanks to the AAF… The new professional sports league sweeping the nation and the world.

Last weekend’s first ever games were a huge success. The Saturday night game on CBS even had better ratings than the NBA on ABC.

We are heading into week 2 of the AAF and the standings are:


Orlando Apollos 1-0

Birmingham Iron 1-0

Atlanta Legends 0-1

Memphis Express 0-1


Arizona Hotshots 1-0

San Antonio Commanders 1-0

San Diego Fleet 0-1

Salt Lake Stallions 0-1

Image – Sporting News

Here is your Week 2 AAF Lineup for this weekend:

Saturday 2PM:

Salt Lake Stallions @ Birmingham Iron

Saturday 8PM:

Arizona Hotshots @ Memphis Express

Sunday 4PM:

Orlando Apollos @ San Antonio Commanders

Sunday 8PM:

Atlanta Legends @ San Diego Fleet

If you are in any of these cities you can get tickets for as cheap as 20 bucks! The crowds in week one look lit, especially in San Antonio.

If you are not in any of the cities here is how you can catch every AAF game this weekend:

Salt Lake vs Birmingham is on TNT

Arizona vs Memphis is on NFL Network

Orlando vs San Antonio is on CBS

Atlanta vs San Diego is on NFL Network

Biggest things to watch for this weekend:

-More Replay reviews. Incase you missed it in week one, unlike the NFL… The AAF brings you right into the replay booth and you will see step by step as the officials determine their call.

-More Miced up. In the AAF coaches and players are moved up live in game. You will hear coaches like Spurrier tell his guy to “catch it this time” and hear the QB’s command the huddle.

-BIG HITS. Yes the AAF is also trying to protect players like the NFL, however you won’t see flags every time a QB is looked at.

-Former big NFL names: Will Matt Asiata score another TD? Will Trent Richardson run over linebackers on his way to the NFL HOF. Will Christian Hackenberg throw up all over himself… Again? Another “Orlando Special?”

Image – Bro Bible

Oh yeah I almost forgot… And the AAF has brought back Starter. If you are a 90’s kid you will love seeing that logo all over this league.

Get ready for another great weekend of this growing league.


-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – AAF

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