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Whats good, yo? Born and raised on the Main Line outside of Philly I’ve grown up to be a pretty butt-hurt and pessimistic sports fan over the years. I never believe my teams are going to win, ever. I don’t care if the Birds are -10.5 or if the Sixers are up 20 in the 4th. I still don’t think they’ll win ’til the clock hits zero. The only squad I never doubt is my alma mater Villanova Wildcats who are a different story because all they do is win. Douchey comment there, I know. Oh well, facts are facts.

Anyways, getting more into my background I’ve always been seeking platforms in which I could express this fandom with others. I did a sports radio show on a music station in college which was about exactly what it sounds like. Just didn’t quite move the needle. I never really got to show the zillion listeners I had the fan and sports nut I really am. I need that vibe I get when I’m watching the game at a bar, losing my voice from screaming on every play, and chest bumpin’ the boys. And thats what brings me here today.

Now as a Branded Sports follower what can you expect from me? For the time being, from my new Manayunk basement, I’ll be pumping out many sports-heavy blogs. Probably most to do with the NBA and college basketball since thats what I watch and gamble on the most. On top of that, as we speak I am in the works of getting a podcast going and brainstorming ideas for a video series down the line. Can’t thank the guys at Branded Sports enough for this opportunity, and I’m hype to now have this platform where I can share my fandom and passion with the rest of you!

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