Adam Silver- Solving every sports fans biggest problem!

While this may seem minor to most people out there, This is a huge problem for the sports world! Raise your hand if you ever bought a jersey for your favorite player only to have said player get traded or released. 🙋‍♂️ I know I have. Adam Silver is out here ready to solve your problems… Roger Goodell should probably take some notes!

Kicking off NBA All Star Weekend 2019 Adam Silver announced the new “Jersey of the future”

First question that pops into my head… How the hell is this possible?!? A jersey that can be changed via smart phone app!

Other questions I have and I’m sure you do too are… Will players be wearing these jerseys or will they just be for retail? How is this going to be profitable for the NBA? How much will this jersey cost me? Will other sports adopt this technology?

Problem solved sports fans! You will now be able buy this jersey and no longer have to worry about wearing an old jersey!

Drake must be the happiest man on the planet after seeing this since he changes favorite teams whenever the wind changes directions.

The technology of the future is a scary scary place… soon you’ll be able to control everything via smartphone app!

-Messy Marv


Tweet- NBA Twitter


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