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So apparently there is a real thing called “Zombie Deer Disease” and it is in 24 states… Including Pennsylvania.

(It has hit Canada too but really who cares?)

People… It’s happening. Maybe all of those crazy “preppers” were right! Shit I need to go to Costco and get a ton of canned food. God damnit why haven’t I been working on my unground bunker??

Patch DoylestownZombie deer disease,” a deadly infection that causes deer to dramatically lose weight and coordination and turn aggressive, is spreading across North America, a government report warns.”

Umm… Excuse me?

Apparently the disease can also affect moose and elk… Can you image coming face to face with a fuckin Zombie Moose?! I don’t even think Rick from TWD can handle that shit!

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Patch DoylestownThe disease got its nickname — “zombie deer disease” — because of the horrifying effects on the animals that contract it. The sick animals sometimes take on the vacant stare associated with “zombies” and they become so gaunt their rib cages are visible.

Yeah… That is absolutely horrifying.

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They say if you eat “tainted” Zombie Deer meat… Uhh it could be kinda pretty bad for you. They tested it by giving 5 monkeys disease meat (messed up) and 3 came back testing positive for the disease.

Which means the disease if eaten by humans.. Means we can turn into zombies. Which means… GAME ON!


1. Stop eating deer meat ASAP.

2. (I’m sorry) but kill them all.

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The disease is apparently spreading rapidly according to the CDC. And unless we want to turn into real life Walking Dead shit we better kill all the damn Zombies now.

“If you fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.”

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Do what you like with this information. But I’m getting a crossbow and going to have my head on a swivel for Zombie Deer!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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