We Should Ban That Kid Who Made the Kendall Jenner Petition From the WFC


Boy, if you looked at the headline and agreed in the comment section before reading this, we are off on the wrong foot. Because I’m the one who made that petition and I’m officially joining Branded Sports.

Let me more formally introduce myself. My name is Aidan Powers (aidan_34_powers). You may already inadvertently know me, or my work, because I run the blog for @PhillyFanLife.

But, I wanted MORE. More content, more blogs, more podcasts to host. And why not do all that for a brand that is continuously growing like, well…Branded Sports.

I’m not saying I agree with Jimmy Rollins calling us Philly people fair weather fans, but I am addicted to winning. This city has been doing a lot of it lately. When our teams do win, I can’t stop myself from consuming all they have going on. I want to soak up all the sports success in this city and wring it out on a blank WordPress document.

We are in the midst of a Golden Age whether you realize it or not. The Birds finally got a ring, snuck in the playoffs a year later and we are on tap for a Carson Wentz Revenge Tour. The Sixers have their most talented roster I’ve ever been alive for (I’m 24). The Phillies having been loading up on weapons the whole winter. The Flyers, well, I’m not going to be your Flyers guy, but I know that goaltender is pretty damn good.

Sports in this Philadelphia are on the up and up. Branded Sports seems to be too. Mine as well ride the winning wave.

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