Sony Michel May Quit Football To Become A Rapper


Well not really. There is no chance Sony Michel is going to quit football to become a rapper. He just set the record for most playoff touchdowns by a rookie and after one season is just 2 TDs behind Emmitt Smith all time. He was pronounced dead at 2 points during the seasons and I don’t think the Patriots win the Super Bowl without him, no matter how good James Develin is. I’m confident he can do both at the same time. But he is already just one championship shy from being the best playoff rapper to ever exist.

Days after becoming a Super Bowl champion in his rookie season, Sony Michel released a fire new track on Instagram.

It’s basically just a Patriots hype video, but with a personal touch.

The first sign Sony was headed for that rap life was when he debuted his new grill on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. I have never seen anyone more excited for a grill since Kim Kardashian.

With step 1 out of the way, Sony has seemingly been spending more time in the studio than in the gym.

Turns out Sony has been rapping since college and you can hear some of his greatest hits on Spotify. Honestly it’s not terrible but that’s coming from someone who had K.O.B.E ft Tyra Banks on my iPod back in the day. Dion Lewis didn’t spit bars like this, just saying.



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