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Matt Kuchar Doubles Down On Stiffing His Caddie

Is Matt Kuchar the worst person ever??

The dude just won 1.296 MILLION and only tipped his caddie 5K?!

That’s a total Shooter Mcgavin move!

Gif – Giphy

Kuchar has won over 46 million in his career and that doesn’t include endorsements.

“It’s done. Listen, I feel like I was fair and good,” Kuchar told


Gif – Giphy

A 5K tip is what a caddie would get if an armature won a member guest. Get the fuck out of here Kuchar. We aren’t even going to call you Kuch anymore… You are now Kcheap… With a K.

Unless the caddie was this dude…

Gif – Gyfcat

He deserves way more than 5K…

You have officially moved above Patrick Reed on the Branded mosses Jared golfer list.


Feature Image – Golf Digest


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