Flowers are cool, but sending someone a prank by mail on Valentine’s Day is more memorable.


Today is Valentine’s Day which is a holiday I never really care about so I actually got my fiancé underwear with my face all over it:

I recently discovered some of the funniest shit you can send people via mail. Have an ex you can’t stand? Send them a bag of dicks. Someone you know been pissing you off? Send them a bomb of glitter that explodes when they open it. I would literally have a panic attack and flip the fuck out if someone sent me a glitter bomb. Or if you’re just an asshole and wanna prank your friends, husband, wife, boss…there are so many choices of amazingly gross, funny and vulgar items you can send via mail anonymously.

All in all, below is a list of funny shit you can send to someone you don’t like on Valentines Day (click the picture to take you to the website):

1. A Bag of Dicks

2. A Potato

3. A Glitter Bomb

4. Poop


5. Prank Candles


6. The Middle Finger 🖕🏽


7. A Box of Sand


8. A Dickhead Trophy


9. Crabs (yes, you read that right)


10. A Card That Plays Music for 5 Hours Straight


You’re welcome.


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