Another Reason Jordan will forever be better than Lebron! [On this Date]

On this date in 1990 Jordan’s jersey went missing. His number 23 Bulls jersey was no where to be found.

Did he cry? Did he freak out? Did he demand the equipment team make him a 23 jersey IMMEDIATELY or else?


Jordan put on a 12 jersey and went on his way.

Image – SI

He proceed to go out on the court and do what he did every night… Balled.

Image – ESPN

He dropped 49 and added 7 rebounds.


If this had happened to Lebron. There is no way IN HELL that he would put on a random jersey number… WITHOUT his name on the back and play.

Gif – Tenor

It would have turned into one of those “rest nights.” Or there would be a phantom injury to his little toe that would pop up so that he couldn’t play.

Because god for bid Lebron was on the court and might not be recognized for .2 seconds.

I am not a Lebron hater. But… This is just a fact. And this is reason 162386812 that Jordan will always be the GOAT.


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