Wiki Hole Wednesday – Charles Goodell

Welcome to Wiki Hole Wednesday. Daily I fall down holes on Wikipedia and I will share with you how I got where I got and give a brief description of where I finally fell.

Today I started at the NFL’s Wikipedia page. It’s filled with links to fall down and originally I went the route of the founding of the league but didn’t get anything juicy. Nothing too noteworthy outside of another company had a Skylark first, so I came back to the original page. I clicked Roger Goodell. Thinking I’m gonna find something cool about this dull fuck. Bedsides the fact he married a former Fox News anchor and was too injured to play college football there really is nothing. But then I see a name. Charles Goodell. My names Charles. I click that shit.

Charles Goodell is the father of Roger Goodell. US Congressman and Senator, Charles Goodell.

Some folks are born silver spoon in hand aren’t they? It ain’t me, I ain’t no senators son. Anyhow there’s some really interesting shit about old Charles Goodell.

1. He was never just regularly elected to start either career. Both times he was filling the position of a Congressmen and Senator who passed away or was assassinated. RFK (Robert Kennedy) was the assassinated senator he took over for. He did win multiple re-elections for both positions.

2. He was a noted New England Patriots fan. He was even in attendance with his son Roger to watch the Patriots get smoked by the Bears and their super bowl shuffle.

3. Goodell was a season ticket holder of the New England Patriots from 1960 until his death. Usually attending games with his son.

All intriguing. Weirdly enough the Patriots are always in contention under Rogers guidance. But that’s a story for another. Day.

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