Mitchell Ness With The Ugliest Jerseys These Eyes Have Ever Seen

Are they serious with these? They look like a 90’s throw back shirt that even people in the 90’s would be like “nah, I think I’m good.” No joke these are god awful but I understand the thought process.. Bring back retro looking entire to get the people excited. AAF put the entire world on notice by partnering up with Starter. Now everyone is panicking.

he streets is hot…these though are garbage. What needs to be brought back are And1 shirts. THOSE were the move. Catchy taglines like these:














And1 talking about your mom’s wig!!! Bring that back. Each NBA team should get old school And1 t-shirts for their warm ups. They were basically the first memes. Try a few of these lines out:

“Your game is more inconsistent than LeBron’s hairline!!”

“That your girl?? You must love hitting 3’s and 2’s!!!”

Just a few jumping off points.

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