Introduction to I (Lee)

This is all pretty damn crazy thinking that I’m a 18 year old freshman in his first year of college. I would have never thought in my whole life, with sports being as prevalent as they were, that I would even have a chance to showcase what I think to the world.

So, hey everyone. I’m Lee. Standard 18 year old freshman at Bloomsburg University, where it is in the middle of nowhere central PA. I’m undecided, probably going into business or education. I’m probably one of the youngest guys here at Branded. (Editors note: He is THE youngest) I graduated from Strath Haven in 2018 and decided to go to Bloom to play football here for the Huskies, and wrestle occasionally. By wrestling occasionally, I mean I get to say I’m on the team, but I really get tossed on a day-to-day basis by 2 other good, standard Division 1 wrestlers.

And that is not fun.

Growing up, I moved around a lot. I was born in Wisconsin (and is why I am a Badgers fan), moved to Missouri, Delaware, Ohio, was about to move to South Carolina before moving to Delco. I’ve seen my fair share of shit because of it for the better. Sports kept me sane though and was the huge reason how I made friends. I played baseball, soccer, basketball, football and tennis when I was younger. I only started wrestling in high school when I got too fat for everything else.

In terms of what I’ve done, I’ve done blogs before, posting them on sites where no one that I knew would see it, and take reviews off that about what I could do better. My boy, Ryan and I, started and failed a Barstool Delco account, but I chalk that up to being overachieving 16 year olds trying to act like we knew what we were doing.

We didn’t know shit, but now I think that I’m in a better position to achieve a lot more at Branded.

You’ll see from me a lot of content. Blogs off the wazzu on basically every single sports subject available. I grew up playing a lot of sports, and I feel like I know a good bit about every sport. You’ll also see gambling opinions (even though I can’t legally gamble because of the NCAA (yet)). I want to do everything, podcasts, videos, blogs, the whole 9, whatever I can do while I can.

Last thing: Social Media.

Twitter: @lee_holbert . I post a bunch of stuff, sports and memes and a bunch of other stuff.

I guess that’s it. Deuces till next time.

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