EPISODE 10 The Bridgewater Triangle: Yeti Boogaloo

Sarge The Destroyer

At the start of this episode, my 9 year old daughter gives a pretty spot on definition of cryptozoology. After a brief description of what that word meant, she and I came to a pretty quick agreement on how she would define it for the show. You can’t put much past that kid. She had Santa figured out at six years old.

People believe in some weird shit, you guys. A mayor in Puerto Rico was so convinced that Chupacabras were real that he and a posse of locals hunted for them. They patrolled the streets with loaded guns looking for something that no one is sure even exists. In Massachusetts, there is a guy, so convinced of the existence of bigfoot (yeti, skunk ape, sasquatch, ect.), that he led armed expeditions into the woods of Bridgewater Massachusetts, in hopes of… killing it, I guess? It’s not clear.

While people might say, “who cares?” or “it’s harmless”, I have to respectfully disagree. In 2017, Edgar Maddison went into a pizza shop and discharged an round from his AR-15. He did this because some fucking moron told him that nefarious government officials, who were part of “The Deep State”, were molesting children in the basement of that restaurant. Aside from the fact that this shop didn’t have basement, the allegations are objectively insane. However, platforms like Infowars and other tentacles of the alt-sanity movement were convinced, so this dipshit decided to be a hero.

The point I am trying to make, is that critical thinking is immensely important. If we take what we are being told and accept it as fact without filtering it through a lens of skepticism, we are libel to believe things that thoroughly preposterous. Let me ask you a question, which is more likely; a small predatory animal, never before seen on a relatively small island is sucking the blood out of goats and then vanishing into the night or an average run-of-the-mill animal corpse in an advanced stage of decomposition? One of these things is wildly insane and one of these things is highly probably in a tropical climate.

The next time someone tells you a certain woman sold Uranium to Russia, google it. The next time someone tells you an entity of the Federal Government killed a sitting president because of … Something? Ask some questions. And the next time someone tells you that The Holocaust was a hoax, you have my permission to straight up kick that person in their genitals as many times as you’re comfortable with. Trust no one… except me and Anderson Cooper, that dreamy bastard.



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