Dallas needs Duke!

So Monday the Browns signed Kareem Hunt. Like it or hate it for his off the field issues… That bolsters the Browns backfield as well as making it very crowded.

The team will now have Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and Duke Johnson on the roster.

Immediately Duke Johnson removed all Cleveland Browns links from his Twitter.

You would think that Duke would be the “odd man out” even with a looming Hunt suspension on the horizon. Maybe 6, maybe 8 games… But who knows?

With young second year back Nick Chubb ready for more carries and the former rushing leader in Hunt waiting to take the field, why would Duke want to stay? No one would blame him for wanting out.

He is entering a contract year and simply won’t get the reps in Cleveland. I believe that Duke is one of the most underrated backs in the league, especially when his pass catching abilities are utilized.

Image – Cleveland.com

I would put his catch and run skills up against almost any back in the league. So of course I immediately started thinking of what teams Duke would be a good fit on, and I began to think… Well shit almost any.

The Eagles? Yup. The Redskins? Unfortunately.

Again… Almost any team would be lucky to have him, even if they have a “number one back” because so many teams want to duplicate the Ingram and Kamara tandem.

So…. Cowboys get on this NOW. Duke Johnson would be such an incredible complement to Zeke and the things their offense wants to do. Their backup running back Rod Smith is due to be a Free Agent (And I in no way want him back.)

Image – PFT

Anytime Zeke was off the field it was a wasted play. However you add Duke Johnson to this team and that narrative completely changes.

The play calling would not have to change with Duke in and Zeke taking a blow. His ability to catch and run would bail Dak out on check downs as well.


Think of the possibilities with Zeke and Duke on the field together. Especially in the red zone where this offense struggled last season. And even worse in goal to go situations.

I am all in on having Zeke, Duke, Cooper and Gallup all on the field at the same time. Duke could be a nice addition and could be the missing piece this offense needs to bring their play up to match this young stud defense Dallas has.

If I am Jason Garrett and I am in the last year of my contract, coaching for my job… I am screaming for Duke Johnson on this team!

Make the move Jerry and Stephen. Send a 6th to Cleveland and get this done ASAP!


-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Dawgs By Nature

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