Tom Brady Or The Patriots: Where’s Your Allegiance?

So it’s Tuesday and we’re roughly a week and a half removed from what was Brady’s sixth Super Bowl win and I’d be remiss if I didn’t squeeze every last drop of content out of the situation.

A lot has been said about legacy as it pertains to Brady, as well as Belichick and the Patriots. Most have said he’s the GOAT, some have said he’s a perpetual cheater (I love it), and others have already readjusted their focus to the AAF—a league I may have to actually give a shot.

However, amongst all the talk, something crossed my mind the other day. For the record, I’m a Patriots fan in my late twenties so this take may be exclusively intended to those who reside in that demographic, but I thought the notion is worth considering.

With that in mind, under a particular set of circumstance, who does your ultimate allegiance favor? Brady or the Patriots…

As I said, I’m in my late twenties so, as a sports fan, I’ve been spoiled as fuck. The first year that I really became invested in the sport of football coincidentally coincided with the first year that Brady & Co stormed into New Orleans and shocked the world against Kurt Warner and the nationally proclaimed, “Greatest Show on Turf.” It was also the year that launched the career of who would eventually become my favorite athlete of all time.

Over the last two decades, Brady has forced me to readjust my barometer for what I consider possible on a football field. Obviously the credit for the Patriots success is diluted across a laundry list of great players/teams/coaches, but outside of Belichick, to credit anyone else in this franchise’s history with more fingerprints around this team’s run of success would be asinine.

Say what you want, but there have been two constants with this team from an on-field perspective over the last 20 years, and those two constants go by the names of Belichick and Brady. And as much as I love Belichick, there’s something about players (over coaches and upper management) that galvanizes the senses in a different light.

For example, whenever I debate someone with a vendetta against Boston sports, I find myself arguing on behalf of Brady, more than I do the Patriots. Between the people who think Montana’s better because he never lost a Super Bowl—an argument I still, for the life of me, will NEVER be able to wrap my head around—or the people who think Brady’s legacy is tainted because he deflated a couple footballs, the argument always tends to lean towards number 12.

So I guess at the end of the day, the question I’m asking is this: If the Pats unceremoniously shipped Brady off to some irrelevant franchise (similar to Seymour’s exit) and the Pats ended up meeting him in the Super Bowl next year, where does your allegiance lie?

Obviously my immediate answer is the Patriots, but given everything I just said, I’m honestly not sure. On one hand, I’d love to see the Patriots claim number seven; on the other hand, I’d kill to see Brady cement himself as the greatest athlete of all time. With 7 titles—and the seventh ring coming with a different team—I don’t think there’s a person on planet Earth with a reasonable enough argument to suggest he doesn’t surpass Jordan.

That said, I can completely understand those on the other side of things. I think a lot of the reason this is a question for me has to do with my specific experience as a fan of this team but I’m just not sure. Obviously, I don’t think we’ll ever see Tom lacing up different colored laces before his reign is through; however, I’d be remiss if I didn’t play devil’s advocate for a few shameless page clicks.

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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