Someone Made Post Malones “Better Now” In An 80s Style Hit And It’s Way Better

I have listened to this song no less than ten times (The 80s style)  It’s amazing.  The beat, the lyrics, the outfit it’s all perfect 80’s style music and music video.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 9.03.45 PM.png

I want someone to buy my that jacket right now, I need it and I’m going to rock it everywhere I go.  I have to admit I’m not exactly a Post Malone fanatic, I like a lot of what he does but I’m not crazy about the guy.  Better Now is a total banger but Better Now in 80s style is way better than the original.  This kid has done quite a few of these videos but none better than his Post Malone version.

How does he have so many 80s outfits?  I’m impressed by the jackets and if he wants to throw a few on Poshmark I’ll buy them.  Drake version is fantastic also.  This kid is pretty damn talented.


Go give @MusicByBlanks a follow on Twitter and check out his youtube for more.

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