Realmuto Bloodline

JT Realmuto, biggest Phillies Star to be traded for since Roy Halladay. It’s awesome to see the team finally adding talent again. Segura was a great add but this is the legitimate best player in his position: Now a member of the Phillies.

JT is from Oklahoma. Oklahoma is known for Football and Wrestling. As soon as the trade went down a few of my Phillies fan wrestling buddies jumped for joy. JT’s the nephew of arguably two of the greatest American Wrestlers to ever touch the mat.

John Smith, JT’s uncle is the Head Coach of the Oklahoma State University Wrestling Team. John is better known for his two time NCAA Championships, 6 Time World Championships and 2 Olympic Championships. The most decorated American wrestler of all time. If you think the pedigree of winning stops there you’re way wrong.

Pat Smith, JT’s other uncle, is the first 4 Time National Champion in NCAA history. His other Uncle Lee Roy won it once and his youngest uncle placed in the top 5 three times. Not bad you say? Well then comes his cousin’s the Perry Brothers. Mark and Chris Perry are both NCAA Champions as well.

Winning begets winning and if JT is anything like his family he’s gonna have a great career in a Phillies Uniform.


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