Ranking the AAF Teams

So Saturday night was the first night of the AAF, and America loved it!


I wanted to give you a complete, unbiased and little to no knowledge (of the rosters) ranking of the AAF Teams.

8. Salt Lake Stallions (0-1)

Image – Wikipedia

Ok so the reason I have Salt Lake so low is simply because of the helmet really. Reminds me too much of a cross between the Eagles and the Oregon Ducks, and screw the Eagles. Who the hell wants to play football in Salt Lake City?! But I do LOVE me some Matt Asiata at running back!

Notable Player: Matt Asiata (RB)

Head Coach: Dennis Erickson

7. Arizona Hotshots (1-0)

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First I don’t love having an AAF Team in the same kind of area where there is an NFL team. Spread the love. The only player on the team that jumped out to me is Nick Folk… And he’s a kicker.

Notable Player: Nick Folk (K)

Head Coach: Rick Neuheisel

6. San Diego Fleet (0-1)

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Ok, the fleet is a sick name and I do like the logo. I have them at 6 because I wasn’t impressed by them Saturday night and hell I still call the Chargers the San Diego Chargers. And their QB basically was murdered on live TV..


Notable Player: Gavin Escobar (TE)

Head Coach: Mike Martz

5. Memphis Express (0-1)

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Love this squad because… ‘MERICA! I love the red white and blue more than anyone. This team has the leagues first big “QB Controversy.” Zach Metterenberger and Christian Hackenberg are battling it out for AAF QB supremacy! They even have a dude name Jamichael Winston Sr… Could be Jameis Winston’s dad… But probably not. And their coach is one of the scariest men of all time.

Notable Player: Alton “Pig” Howard (WR)

Head Coach: Mike Singletary

4. San Antonio Commanders (1-0)

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First thing I need to say is that crowd in San Antonio was LIT! They have been waiting for football for a long time. But I just wasn’t impressed by their roster (who?) and their coaching. But their QB was slinging it around (a bit) for the win.

Notable Players: No one

Head Coach: Mike Riley

3. Atlanta Legends (0-1)

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Gotta love some legends in the ATL! This team even has a dude name BUG! I’m down to get down with BUG! Yes, Atlanta has an NFL team and I said to spread the love but forget that. Because… Mike Vick is the Legends OC!

Notable Player: Younghoe Koo (K)

Head Coach: Kevin Coyle

2. Birmingham Iron (1-0)

Image – Wikipedia

First I love the name. Birmingham.. Hell yeah! And the mat black helmets… YUP! You gotta love this team, not to mention FEED ME TRENT RICHARDSON! Who doesn’t love a big redemption story of a fat running back? I mean CJ Anderson has become America’s favorite player!

Notable Player: Trent Richardson (RB)

Head Coach: Tim Lewis

1. Orlando Apollos (1-0)

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This team is PACKED with Florida talent, like former Florida St and Dallas Cowboys CB Marquiez White. And I mean, it’s the Old Ball Coach, that is all.

“Tell him to catch it this time.” –Steve Spurrier, during his first AAF game sat night. The Apollos are ready to roll!

Notable Player: Chris Thompson (WR)

Head Coach: Steve Spurrier

The NFL is already saying “woah” after the first weekend of the AAF and I think the XFL is already closing up shop… Again.

The AAF is here and (maybe) to stay.

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – USA Today

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