Morning Wood: All in on the Alliance

Mark J. Giannone

Football is king in America, this isn’t an opinion it’s fact. The Alliance of American Football debuted this weekend and caught some buzz on twitter, which is a right of passage in 2019. I’m here to admit that I’m all in on the Alliance. Simply put, I Just love football and although its not to the level of the NFL (no shit), it’ll do. I mean it’s pretty much just like any other minor league sport, you have the flamboyant jerseys, the generic “create a team” nicknames, and the obscure host cities like Salt Lake City. If you accept the Alliance for what it is, a supplement to the NFL and not a league trying to compete with it, then there’s no way for you to be disappointed.

I have issues and for some reason I can’t get enough of this league, so much so that I decided it’s my obligation as a sports fan to pick a squad. Who to choose? Do I go with the Arizona Hotshots who play “shots” by Lil John after every score? At team that promotes the taking of shots is definitely after my heart. Perhaps I choose the Orlando Apollos lead by head coach Steve Spurrier who ran the Philly Special in a 40-6 route of Atlanta. No, neither of those squads have what it takes to lure my rabid fanhood. The team I chose was the Birmingham Iron. Call me sucker for a team name that isn’t plural. Really what lured me in to the Iron was their loud fans at their first game, the fact that NFL bust Trent Richardson play running back for them, and last but definitely not least is their all black unis. I know I probably sound like one of those idiot Cowboys fans who aren’t from Dallas that say “I fell in love with the star”, but the fact is all black is the dopest look in any walk of life. I’ve always believed that every team in sports should have a black jersey in their arsenal. It just makes everyone look better. It’s like Jerry Rice once said if you look good you play good. So yea with no geographical ties to any team in the league I had to get creative in my choice of a team.

Here’s the thing, sports are just better when you have a rooting interest. Obviously. For me to buy in to a minor league with subpar players I have to make it fun for myself. The Iron should consider themselves lucky honestly. They are getting a fan in the prime of his life. I know exactly how much to drink pregame to get hammered, but not too hammered that I wont make it into the game or forget the game. Not to mention with me being a Philly fan they are getting the elite of sports fan bases.

That’s right the Iron walked all over the Memphis Express on Sunday and tuned them up for the league’s first ever shut out. Quarterback Luis Perez looked dominant throwing for 252 yards, star wideout Quinton Patton caught four balls for 107 yards, and Trent Ruchardson muscled in a five yard touchdown run to ice the game in the fourth. On Saturday at 2pm I’ll make sure my ass is parked on the couch with a keto friendly meal and beverage so I can watch my boys go 2-0 after they beat down the Salt Lake Stallions. #ForgeOn

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