If This Isn’t A Joke Then Romantic Depot Needs To Be Shut Down


What in the world did I just watch? That just can’t be real. I don’t know much about this dude. I think he is called 69 or like Six Nine but I really don’t know for sure. I believe he is a rapper but you have a better chance of seeing a shark walk on the moon than seeing me listen to anything this guy made. I also know he’s kind of an asshole. He is going to go to jail for like 40 years for something that I don’t care enough to look into. Once again I’d rather chew on broken glass than do research about him.


All I will say is this, if you’re about to go to jail. This isn’t something you want people to see. So please don’t retweet this to embarrass kobiashi or whatever his stupid name is.

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